Benefits for Costumers

You do not choose unnecessary prizes

Too often the current loyalty programs do not offer real satisfaction, and because the collected points are thresholds too high for the fulfillment of prizes, both for the same prizes are often of little value or utility and do not meet your real needs. Is no surprise that these techniques trigged discontent in you and you depart from various loyalty program, without having enjoyed the benefits you were promised.

The accumulated benefits will never expire

The question about the exipires collection points is another example of how some loyalty programs, sistematically generate frustration in you. Difficult points to be redeemed or thet expire after a certain time generate a vicious effect and a negative impact, because you see vanish the very reason why you decided to participate in the program, that is the value of the reward promised. In Mycology program your earnings never expire, but are accessible to suit your actual needs.

Immediate paid benefit

Generally loyalty programs assigned benefits in the form of points. The problem is that you never know what really is worth one point, even in the worst cases, you are not informed that their supposed value may change on the initiative of the trader. Myconomy program  however, offer economic benefit in cash and allows you to save or spend as freely and combined the best of your needs and requirements. Every time you shop at a store adherent to network Myconomy you will know that the percentage of savings received is always equal to cash money that you can save or spend when and how you want. This makes you happy, motivated and loyal.

Winning features

Market research on the motivations and attitudes of participants in loyalty programs clearly show which elements decree the success or failure of these programs.

Steps of good loyalty program

Invite, Grow and Monetize: most loyalty programs focus only on the first two phases. The monetization by the customer is considered as ancillary, while for Myconomy is the priority.

Myconomy Mediocre program
A unique significant benefit: in cash Volatility of points value
No expiration of the benefit Expiry accumulated points
No limit to the saving Limits for premiums accumulation
Benefit paid immediately Difficult conversion
Value of the prize insignificant compared to the value of spending
Nosense rewords (20 € free handset CD after spending € 1,000)

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Further informations
▼ Saving
At trade structures Partner of Myconomy group, any purchase made by the owners of Myconomy card, even if the amount is minimal, generates savings. The computerized systems control every single operation, to verify the correct application of the special conditions of purchase reserved for customers of the Group. The customer can immediately take advantage the cost savings generated, arranging for them as it sees fit, at the time of choosing between different alternatives prepared by Myconomy group.
▼ Annual income
Purchases made through Myconomy card not only generate immediate savings, but allow customers of the Group to build an annual costant income, resulting from the accounting treatment of transactions accurately recorded in the computer systems Mycology group.
▼ Freedom of movement
The customers of Myconomy group are free to make their purchases as and when they want it all over the country, and to all commercial partners that display window sticker of Myconomy group. For customers of Group all the goods and services are always available for sale at the best price reserved for them!
▼ Personalized advice
Myconomy group aims to offer to the consumer all kinds of goods and services.
The specialist advisers of the Group are available to customers: in relation to specific requests to purchase goods and services, may indicate the most appropriate solutions in order to achieve the best price from the network of Business Partners Myconomy.
▼ Monitoring budget purchase
All purchases made in commercial structures partners are recorded on Myconomy center, which allow the consumer to constantly monitoring all the details of the purchases made ​​and the savings achieved until the last transaction recorded.