Benefits for Reatailes

Favour repeated purchases

It is known that obtaining a new customer can cost five times more than sell to an existing customer loyal. The main difference resulting from providing immediate savings and without restrictions will cause the customer to encourage such structures. This makes them much more inclined to purchase more frequent and larger and, more importantly, to give redundancy to your business structure than another.

You can increase your importance

You can use Myconomy card to advertise, because it exposes and conveys your brand not only to all of your customers but to all those who see circulate, such as friends, collegues, other costumers, creating a sens of deep belonging to your products, at the most global. This effect can be strengthened through the use of technology infrastructures that allow you to send direct messages (direct marketing) to all Mycology customers, choosing whether your territory or on a national scale. Also, if you have a website that can be connected to the portal Myconomy: this will give you visibility to all customers who are looking for products or services within the portal Myconomy.

Extra incomes

Let’s look at an example: a customer spends at your store € 100 a year, which you give a commercila discount of 10%, amounting to € 10. Supposition of an annual minimum spend of your customer of € 3000 (at other stores) and knowing that you get a commission on each transaction, it appears that the discount you paid will be repaid by the commissions that you’ve earned. So every time your customer spends elsewhere, you still recover the amount of the discount that you have previously given.

Increase the number of your customers

From your point of view, the program is interesting not only for large customers who spend a lot, but also for those occasional customers, more moderate. A moderate costumer in purchase of shoes, can instead spend a lot more for the pizza. Therefore, even if your priority is clearly to sell your products and/or services, however, it becomes important for you and your customers will spend elsewhere. Major customers are therefore not the only ones that you need to mantain fidelity.
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Further informations
▼ Increase of costumer base and turnover
Myconomy network effectively channeling new customers to the Partner. How? In different ways. Here is a first, simple example: the exposure of Myconomy group window stickers in your store is an effective incentive to buy for all customers of the Group and Myconomy card holders, both in residential and in-transit. Also, the web portal and Myconomycenter represent communication systems to meet and interact directly with the business partner network consumers.
▼ Anticipated return of investiments
Thanks to the increase customer made flow through the Myconomy network and to the additional visibility that the same build about business and will not have in the information systems of Myconomygroup, made ​​available to consumers throughout the network.
▼ Economic rewords
To all the Partners, that spreading Myconomy card, contribute actively to expand the network clients are granted the financial rewards of absolute importance, as a result of systems based on commercial alliances to expand the supply of goods and services to the final customer.
▼ Tax relief
The services provided to the end user through Myconomy Group, will be charged to the Partner to be tax deducted
▼ Customer loyalty Myconomy group
Consumers Myconomy card holders gladly return to buy both goods and services, in the structures of the partner Myconomy group because only here can enjoy the numerous benefits reserved for them through the entire sales network is managed and organized by Myconomy group.
▼ More visibility
Our staff undertakes to provide free to each member of charge on the Web Portal Myconomy group, for increased visibility at national level.
▼ Image benefits
Adherence to a project of solidarity economy not only helps to restart the cycle of the economy in times of crisis, but allows you to receive positive reviews by the consumers due to redundant with each other will give absolute importance to the commercial structure that is part active, thus inducing the choice.
▼ Saving on advertising costs
Membership of the Group, the inclusion on the Web Site, the window stickers to be displayed in the shop, and other initiatives and marketing solutions predisposed by Myconomy group for the benefit of partners, to improve the image and visibility of the company, at no cost.
▼ Customized strategies and market policies
Each partner is free to determine the benefits to be given to customers with Myconomy card