Myconomy is a loyalty program based on the principles of "solidarity economy".

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Myconomy card guarantees to consumers customized discounts on the entire network of affiliated operators, and additional income streams.

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Myconomy takes the customers to the continuous discovery of qualified traders and attentive to your needs

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Myconomy creates a perfect overlap o experience of social consumption in both the real world and in the electronic commerce.

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The Group Myconogy Group is the result of solidarity economy project carefully studied and planned, whose goal is to provide real exclusive benefits to everyone join the group, as clients or as affiliates operators To efficiently manage the all network, Myconomy Group employs a staff of managers and consultants with high experience and a solid software and hardware infrastructures.

Myconomy acts proactively to represent and protect the interests of each member, whether a customer or operator, and to promote mutually beneficial interaction between all members. In particular,  given the important role that Operators play in the economy of the all Group, Myconomy actively selects the best business partners all over the country.

The aim of Myconomy Group, in fact, is to offer its customers the widest range of goods and services of high quality at the best price. The Myconomy card is the unique key that the consumer uses to access all the benefits offered by Myconomy affiliate Operators.

Mycology Group gives strength to the single with the synergy of the group. That's why the system Myconomy is the definitive solution to promote your business, both for traders which have not yet taken steps in this direction, both for the commercial realities that at the individual level already implement similar efforts. These last, in fact, may be applied inside the Group at any time.

Also Associations Dealers that want to develop or participate in the formation of so-called " Natural Shopping Centres " will be in Myconomy Group the ideal partner to pursuit its business objectives.

The consumers, on the other hand, when they bought at a affiliated with Myconomy Group always get immediate and tangible benefits. Not only that, every time that they choose to give their preference to the Group strengthen the same Group, which in turn will give them still more benefits over time.