We are looking for Business Angels and Venture Capitalists who share an ambitious vision and want to help us do Myconomy a great company. Myconomy is a start-up who has had some features that we believe are essential: a deep knowledge in the field of marketing and product development by the founders motivated and competent, a background financially and legally appropriate, a product well developed and successful. We have invested directly in its early stages of growth, but now seek the intervention of investors to access financial resources more extensive. We guarantee to each investor interested in that, although not being able to predict the future, we know how to listen and attract market feedback, smoothly adapting to the constant changes and innovations that continually emerge. This option reduces risks and enhances the potential of each start-up that we decide to develop. Myconomy is a project curated Enry’s Island ltd ( For more information, please contact Enry’s Island HeadQuarter, Piazza Sacro Cuore, 26, 65122 Pescara PE +39085 2056855 or write an email to