Myconomy for Costumers

Customer are you, that buy everything you need in shops, supermarkets, travel agencies, cinemas, restaurants…


With Myconomy card you are free to buy as and when you want at all stores that expose the windows decals of Myconomy, throughout the national territory.As Myconomy costumer is always reserved to you the best price on all products and services for sale.

With your Myconomy card, you can check at any time both the level and the nature of your spending. You can do this web on Myconomy Center: it’s necessary to go in your private area to view your transactions and your purchases and find out how much you’ve saved.

Each time you reach the 100 € of purchase, we give you a Myconomy card that you can give to who want you : in this way, even your friends and family can enjoy, like you, the benefits of the program Myconomy.

When you assign a Myconomy card you become a premium customer and your benefits increase: in fact, receive a commission for each € of purchases made with the Myconomy card assigned to you.
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