Myconomy for Retailers

Operator are you, a provider of products or services, more and more eager to build a costumer loyalty


Myconomy is universal. It is aimed at all segments of the traditional sales, such as local shops, retails, whole salers and all vertical markets such as transportation, health, tourism, petrol, mobility, etc. Myconomy è adatto a te anche se fai business online, per esempio con un e-commerce. Myconomy is suitable for you even if you do business online, for example with an e-commerce.

Myconomy is innovative. Discounts to be applied to the customers you are not imposed: you can decide they in total autonomy, according to the service, the product and your business strategies . Furthermore, discounts are configurable: you can manage up 4 levels of discounts on the terminal installed in the point of sale.

Myconomy is profitable, not only for your costumer, but for you too, Dealer.
Most of loyalty programs encourages the customer to return only to a particular selling point: yours.
When your customer buys in another store, in the best case it will not be of any benefit. Indeed, it usually goes against your interests, and there is not much you can do to influence the customer’s decision. With Myconomy, however, not preclude your customer the opportunity where to spend his money, but even encourage him when he decides to buy in a store that offers products or services different from yours.

Myconomy make you earn. At any time you can decided to become a Myconomy promoter. The Promoter makes new customers join the group and assigns them the Myconomy card, with which they can obtain additional savings in all the affiliated structures.
For each € spent by your client in other stores, you earn a commission.

Myconomy is sure. The system is supported by technologically advanced hardware and software infrastructure, adopting encryption systems comparable to those used by banks to secure transactions and communications.

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